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As you are probably aware the Inland Revenue are now urging all businesses with an annual turnover in excess of £10K to maintain their business records digitally from April 2018 and also from that date to submit to HMRC your business accounts every quarter (previously annually).  If you are not currently maintaining your accounting records digitally, we will help you.

Our systems at RB&Co are digital, for example when you authorise your accounts and Tax Return it is done online.  We use one of the leading software houses, IRIS, who have now developed a cloud accounting system called Kashflow, which has been tailored for your accounting needs to record digitally all your business records.  By using Kashflow we at RB&Co shall have online access to your accounting records so that we can help you to set up your system (including providing to you a bespoke coding structure, which will include the Detailed List of Tax Allowable Expenses); train you in using the Kashflow system and review your records and offer advice with their maintenance.  Your accounting records within Kashflow can very easily be transferred to our in-house IRIS final accounts software so that your final accounts figures can be submitted quarterly to HMRC.  This will save both time and help to keep our firm’s fees to you to a minimum.

The cost to you for the Kashflow system will be only £10 plus VAT per month (£5 plus VAT per month if transactions are less than 10 sales invoices and 25 bank transactions each month).  Kashflow will also prepare your VAT Return information (if appliable) at no further cost.

Our training team of Brian Combe, Nicol Neal and Chris Terry will help you with the installation and training of Kashflow, free of charge to clients of RB&Co for the first month of you using Kashflow.  There will probably be a high demand for this service and this free offer is made on a first come, first served basis.  It must be emphasised that we will be making no profit on the supply to you of IRIS Kashflow.  In order to advise us of your interest will you please contact Brian Combe (Chartered Accountant) at at your earliest convenience.

You may wish not to digitalise your accounting records immediately but to await the outcome of the HMRC consultation documents.  If this is the case we will help you with your interim accounting system by supplying to you the coding structure of Detailed List of Tax Allowable Expenses.

If you have already installed your digitalised accounting system then we will be able to help you with the maintenance and development thereof.